icTracker Valuation of stocks with Industry 'AgroChemicals' in India

*NOTE - Grey coloured rows indicate that 54% of stocks in this list have moved towards their Intrinsic Price since the valuation date
Intrinsic Price and Market Price are in Rs., Market Cap is in Rs. Cr
Outlook codes :: Blsh - Bullish; Brsh - Bearish; FrBl - Fairly Bullish; FrBr - Fairly Bearish; VrBl - Very Bullish; VrBr - Very Bearish; WkBl - Weak Bullish; WkBr - Weak Bearish

NoStock NameIndustryValuation DateMarket price on val. dateIntrinsic price on val. dateLatest market priceLatest full market capLatest free-float market capMV to IVKBEVA® to NWOutlook
1 Astec Life ScienceAgroChemicals31 Mar 20241,067.530.91,111.02,178.6607.334.49-5.09-0.06VrBr
2 Bayer CropScienceAgroChemicals31 Mar 20245,254.41,632.75,037.822,640.75,843.83.220.610.01Blsh
3 Best AgrolifeAgroChemicals31 Mar 2024458.1618.5542.21,281.9295.90.740.56-0.15VrBr
4 Bharat RasayanAgroChemicals31 Mar 20248,480.43,096.49,204.93,824.91,014.92.740.230.01VrBr
5 Heranba IndustriesAgroChemicals31 Mar 2024283.7220.9297.81,191.6283.41.280.04-0.03VrBr
6 India PesticidesAgroChemicals31 Mar 2024203.292.0218.92,520.4443.62.210.22-0.04VrBr
7 Meghmani OrganicsAgroChemicals31 Mar 202479.340.278.82,004.0938.81.97-0.49-0.05VrBr
8 NACL IndustriesAgroChemicals31 Dec 202373.7-2.266.51,323.0264.6-33.56-12.90-0.06VrBr
9 PI IndustriesAgroChemicals31 Mar 20243,867.61,916.43,557.353,969.928,766.72.020.700.01WkBl
10 Rallis IndiaAgroChemicals31 Mar 2024250.5100.4255.94,975.52,309.52.500.06-0.05VrBr
11 Sharda CropchemAgroChemicals31 Mar 2024321.2496.4400.23,610.6833.50.650.500.03Blsh
12 Sumitomo Chemical IndiaAgroChemicals31 Mar 2024347.886.9476.723,794.35,849.54.000.440.01Brsh
13 UPL LimitedAgroChemicals31 Mar 2024456.01,043.8506.137,988.326,876.30.440.58-0.04VrBr