icAdvisor India

Intellectual Capital analytics based Stock Advisory Service for Indian HNI investors

The icAdvisor India offering is targeted at serious long-term HNI investors for the Indian market.

In this offering, we first understand your risk profile using a simple questionnaire. Thereafter, leveraging data from the icTracker for India and using database analytics, we construct a portfolio for you at the efficient frontier matching your risk profile. Subsequently, we review the portfolio and rebalance it at your request, anytime during the validity period. Our goal is to achieve superior risk adjusted returns (i.e. greater than the Nifty) for you from listed Indian stocks. This is purely an advisory service, keeping you in complete control of your money at all times.

Salient Features of Our Offering

  • Stock picking is based on an Intellectual Capital analysis of the underlying business
  • The advice is customized to match your own risk profile
  • Portfolio is constructed at the efficient frontier i.e. combination of recommended stocks are perfectly diversified
  • There is no lock-in. You are free to sell your stocks anytime you want
  • We review your portfolio and provide free rebalancing advice during the service period
  • We monitor your portfolio for corporate actions such as dividends, bonus and splits
  • We keep you updated about the performance of your portfolio by way of regular updates
  • And most importantly. Simple fee structure. No hidden charges

Top three reasons why you should try the icAdvisor service

1. Intellectual Capital

Intellectual Capital (or Knowledge assets) provides long term competetive advantage to a Business. Such assets help the business in developing an economic moat which ringfences it from the competition. In leveraging the icTracker, the icAdvisor is the only stock advisory service in the world that picks stocks based on the Intellectual Capital of the underlying Business. There is no equivalent stock picking service anywhere else.

2. Review and Rebalance

Business environments are dynamic in nature. Businesses that have a competitive advantage today may see a rival emerging on the scene in the very next quarter. We therefore monitor the business environment constantly, and update the value of the Knowledge assets of the business as soon as their quarterly results are published. Thus we are able to advice you confidently on how to rebalance your portfolio. This approach keeps your transaction costs to a minimum, yet gives you the best opportunity for maximizing your returns.

3. Backtesting

The proof is in the pudding. Take a look at our amazing backtesting results in the chart below, generated assuming a pure Growth risk profile and rebalanced once every quarter.

Our back-testing shows that starting September 2012 until September 2022, the Nifty 50 would have multiplied your money 3.3 times. Whereas a portfolio managed using the icAdvisor service during the same period would have multiplied your money 38.9 times. In other words, the icAdvisor based portfolio would have outperformed the Nifty 50 by a whopping 11.9 times. That translates to a CAGR (or annual return) of 44.2% on your money!

Whats more - the volatility of the icAdvisor based portfolio would be no more than that of the index itself, as can be verified from the detailed back-testing results. This is so because the portfolio that we recommend is always generated at the efficient frontier - which ensures the optimum risk/reward to you. In the interest of transparency, we have published all the individual stock transactions generated during the back-testing right from day one, so that these results can be independently verified.


My investment experience spans over 25 years and one of the best methods of choosing stocks (defined as that which has given me the best returns with the lowest risk!) is undoubtedly the system from Attainix! In the two years of using the system, my portfolio has handily outperformed the indices in the US. As an added bonus, the Founder of Attainix - Abhijit Talukdar is now a very good friend and his interest in investing and constant endeavor to deliver the best returns is exemplary. I would urge every investor to give the Attainix system a very close look and definitely sign up for the service.
- Srinivas Bhopal, icAdvisor Client since 2015

The portfolio is doing really good and outperforming the Nifty by a huge margins at the moment. I am really satisfied with your service.
- Sumit Sehgal, icAdvisor Client, Faridabad

Thank you for your advisory service which proved to be good.
- Anuradha Elisetti, icAdvisor Client, Singapore

My goal is wealth creation in the long run. After learning about Shri Warren Buffett's technique of stock selection by measuring company's intrinsic value, I found your website which in my opinion is the very best.
- Vishal Shirsath, Government Employee, Pune

Few days back, I just stumbled upon your website and ICTRACKER tool. Apparently, it's quite impressive.
- Arup Bhattacharjee, Individual Investor, Navi Mumbai

I have been following Attainix for over a year. The ICtracker tools has been tremendously useful to assess stocks from a totally different perspective.
- Amit Khanna, Business Development Manager, Antwerp

ICTRACKER is really excellent concept and tool. Really Excellent work, I am personally appreciating it.
- Dr Pralhad Jakhale, Individual Investor, Kolhapur

I appreciate your efforts and services which have so long been useful for me to keep my investment in a good shape.
- Jayesh Sharma, Individual Investor, Udaipur

Wish you all the best and Thank you for this wonderful tool provided for investors like me.
- Mohan R, Private Investor, Bangalore

Kudos for work done by you.
- Sushma Vishnani, Associate Prof - Finance, Lucknow

Thanks for suggesting good stocks for my portfolio
- Col Tejinder Singh, icAdvisor Client, Delhi

Attainix Consulting has provided the necessary fundamental analysis and details about the stocks that I wanted to buy that made my life easy as I didn’t have to go through the whole annual report of the company to analyze each stock. The important details about a stock like intrinsic value, sentiments etc are provided at your fingertips. It is one-stop for all your stock related queries.
- Bibhash Kalita, Software Developer, Chennai

Advisory Fee structure

PackageMinimum CorpusFee PercentageValidityFree Rebalances
ST-STARTER Rs. 5 Lacs 2.4% of corpus 12 months 2
ST-REGULAR Rs. 10 Lacs 2.0% of corpus 12 months 3
ST-PREMIUM Rs. 30 Lacs 1.7% of corpus 12 months 4
ST-HNI Rs. 100 Lacs 1.45% of corpus 12 months 6
ST-SUPERHNI Rs. 400 Lacs 1.25% of corpus 12 months 8
ST-ULTRAHNI Rs. 1,500 Lacs 1.0% of corpus 12 months 10
ST-CORP Rs. 5,000 Lacs 0.75% of corpus 12 months 12
GST @18% will be additional. Packages struck out above are not available anymore.

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  • 50% of the Advisory fees will be due in advance at the start of the service
  • The balance 50% will be due after six months of service
  • New Clients will have to fill up a brief Risk Profile form
  • Clients will need to have their KYC registered on file with a SEBI approved KRA and provide us their PAN card copy for KYC verification
  • Recommendations will be valid for the immediate next trading day only
  • If you are not able to place your trades in the next trading day for any reason, you will have to use your free rebalance quota for getting fresh recommendations
  • After the trades are executed, you will have to send us the trade summary details so that we may track your portfolio
  • Unused rebalance requests will expire at the end of the validity period
  • Clubbing of folios with separate PAN numbers will NOT be allowed for the purpose of calculating Minimum Corpus, EXCEPT for members of the same family
  • The Free Rebalance limit is applicable ONLY when the rebalance request is initiated by the Client. There is no limit for rebalances that are initiated by us

How to make payments

Payments can be easily made by NEFT bank transfer, cheque deposits or UPI apps like BHIM, GPay, PayTM, PhonePe, etc to our account at HDFC Bank at Mumbai, India. Our bank details are as follows:

Account Number :00852560000667
Account type :Current account
Account name :Attainix Consulting
Bank branch IFSC code :HDFC0000085
Bank branch address :HDFC Bank, Regal Cinema Building, Shahid Bhagatsingh Road, Colaba, Mumbai 400039

Happy Investing!