Fee-only Mutual Fund Advisory India

Mutual Fund Portfolio Creation and Rebalancing Service for Indian HNI Investors

Investing in Indian Mutual Funds is not easy - presently there are more than 40 AMCs (Asset Management Companies) offering more than 11,800 schemes to investors. These are grouped into more than 25 different categories ranging from Debt to Equity and everything in between. Each scheme has two plans (Regular and Direct) and anywhere from four to ten different dividend payment options. Navigating this maze of Mutual Funds in order to identify the funds that are best relevant to the situation at hand, requires deep study and expertise that we have developed over time. Our Fee-only Mutual Fund Advisory service offering is designed to rectify and simplify this situation.

We are a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and operate in fee-only mode as required by SEBI regulations. This means that we charge investors directly for services rendered and are not compensated by any third party in any manner whatsover for our services. Consequently we always have the best interests of the client in our mind. It is only in the last few years that the fee-only advisory model is becoming popular in India as investors are becoming more aware and beginning to realize the many advantages of paying directly for investment advice.

Our Mutual Fund selection process

  • We start by first understanding our Client's financial goals and risk profile
  • Based on the above, we decide the best category of Mutual Fund that is suitable for the Client's situation for each goal mentioned
  • We then shortlist a few Mutual funds in each of these categories taking into account consistency of past performance as well as operating expenses of the fund
  • We refine the shortlist by examining the fund's portfolio and selecting the fund that has relatively more number of winning stocks. We leverage the icTracker database for this purpose. The icTracker is our own proprietary database of stocks. This is our competetive advantage and it gives us an edge in selecting Mutual Funds for our Clients.
  • We then identify the best fund(s) for each of your goals and advise you how to build your goal based Mutual Fund portfolio
  • We review your portfolio and provide rebalancing advice during the service period, if required.

  • Most importantly our fee structure is Direct, Simple and Transparent. There are NO hidden charges


Thank you so much.. I am feeling so grounded by the knowledge you shared. You are a great advisor and I am glad I found you.
- Kalyani Tiwari, icAdvisor Client, Bengaluru

Advisory Fee structure

PackageMinimum CorpusFee PercentageValidity
MFEQ-STARTER Rs. 25 Lacs 0.5% of corpus 12 months
MFEQ-REGULAR Rs. 50 Lacs 0.45% of corpus 12 months
MFEQ-PREMIUM Rs. 150 Lacs 0.4% of corpus 12 months
MFEQ-HNI Rs. 500 Lacs 0.35% of corpus 12 months
MFEQ-SUPERHNI Rs. 2,000 Lacs 0.3% of corpus 12 months
MFDT-STARTER Rs. 25 Lacs 0.25% of corpus 12 months
MFDT-REGULAR Rs. 50 Lacs 0.225% of corpus 12 months
MFDT-PREMIUM Rs. 150 Lacs 0.2% of corpus 12 months
MFDT-HNI Rs. 500 Lacs 0.175% of corpus 12 months
MFDT-SUPERHNI Rs. 2,000 Lacs 0.15% of corpus 12 months
GST @18% will be additional. Packages struck out above are not available anymore.

Are we justified in charging a percentage of Corpus as Advisory Fee?

Consider the following table. It gives a comparison of the average expense ratio of direct and regular plans of mutual funds across different fund categories and AMCs.

Fund CategoryRegular Plan average expenseDirect Plan average expenseSavings in Direct plan
Average Savings in Direct Plans0.75%
Source: Value Research Online

What this table is telling you is that when you buy Regular Plans, you end up paying higher expense ratios to the tune of 0.75% of corpus on average. On the other hand, we recommend only Direct plans to you and charge you a fraction of the savings as a one-time fee to compensate us fairly for our efforts. Our fee structure is published above and hence it is transparent. The result is a win-win sitaution - you get unbiased advice tailored to your risk profile and financial goals and we get paid by you directly for our services. Moreover we remain accountable to you during the entire service period.

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  • 50% of the Advisory fees will be due in advance at the start of the service
  • The balance 50% will be due after six monthsservice
  • Clients will have to fill up a brief Risk Profile form
  • Clients will optionally also have to inform us about their financial goals
  • Clients will need to have their KYC registered on file with a SEBI approved KRA and provide us their PAN card copy for KYC verification
  • SIP/STP corpus will be calculated by multiplying the SIP amount with the number of planned installments

Happy Investing!