Financial Life Planner

Life Planning to ensure that your wealth will satisfy all your goals and last a lifetime

Financial life planning is a structured process of understanding your current financial state, your future goals and money needs and coming up with appropriate interventions that will ensure that your wealth lasts a lifetime. Some of the questions that are answered during this process are
  • Will I have enough money for my retirement and will it last a lifetime?
  • How will my Net Worth and my Income change over time in the future?
  • What expenses will I have in the future?
  • What will be my living expenses in the future?
  • How much money will I be saving each year?
  • How will Inflation and taxes impact my plan?
  • What is the ideal asset allocation for my life needs?
  • How will my Investments grow over time?
  • When will I have to start withdrawing money from my investments to support my living expenses?
  • Do I have adequate live insurance and health insurance coverage?

We are a fee-only SEBI Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and we have helped many of our Clients secure their financial future. As fee-only advisors we are compensated directly by our Clients. Hence we are free of conflict and operate as a fiduciary in the best interests of our Clients at all times. The fee structure for all our services is published transparently on this website.

Personal Financial Planning is applicable and equally important during all life stages. For instance
  • Young adults who are just entering the workforce may use it to develop saving habits and plan for the purchase of a home
  • Gen-Z adults who are recently married and have started planning their families can use it to start the process of creating a nest egg
  • Gen-Y or Millenial adults who have teenage children may use it to plan for their children's hgher education and marriage
  • Gen-X adults who are approaching the end of their working careers can use it for Retirement Planning
  • Retired adults can use it to ensure that their accumulated wealth will last their lifetime
In short, individuals at every life stage who aspire to achieve certain goals in the future can plan for realizing such goals with the process of Personal Financial Planning. In order to make it easy to remember, we have codified the most common life stages into the 4 Ps of Personal Financial Planning - namely Provision, Prevention, Protection and Profusion.
Read about The 4 Ps of Personal Financial Planning on our blog.

Personal Financial planning for us is a two-step process.
  • In the first step you provide us details about your current financial situation in a template provided by us. Based on this information we create your financial life plan and after discussing it with you, we fine-tune and finalize it.
  • Once this is done, we create a financial action plan for you in the second step from the life plan.

Our Financial Life planning process

  • We start by sending you two excel templates, one for understanding your risk profile and another for understanding your current financial status
  • In the financial status sheet you will need to diclose your income, assets, savings, goals, expenses, liabilities, insurance, etc. All information so disclosed is held by us in the strictest confidence. We use this information solely for the purpose of creating a life plan for you and nothing else.
  • We also request your PAN details for the purpose of a KYC check
  • We collate all the information that you provide us and after checking it for errors we start the process of creating your life plan
  • In addition to the information you have provided us, we use reasonable estimates for parameters such as inflation, tax rates and expected short term and long term investment returns. You have the right to override our estimates for these numbers with your own numbers
  • We mail you the first draft of the life plan and solicit your feedback.
  • You review the life plan for correctness and completeness and inform us about any changes. We thus finalize the life plan in a couple of iterations
  • The life plan so created will clearly answer all the questions mentioned above


As I am nearing my retirement, I wanted to review my financial position to see if I was suitably prepared for retirement. Abhijit guided me through the process of reviewing my financial position, my expenditure and key future milestones in a structured and logical fashion. He then helped me to plan my future financial investments and expenditure with the help of his structured tool. Abhijit is very knowledgeable about the various financial instruments, and provided clear and practical advice for me to help plan forward.
- Sundar Mahalingam, President Strategy, HCL Corporation

Financial Life Planning Fee structure

PackagePlan preparation feesSubject to a minimum fee of Validity
FP-NEW0.025% of all assets in Financial Plan Rs. 10,000 6 months
FP-REPEAT0.02% of all assets in Financial Plan Rs. 8,000 6 months
GST @18% will be additional
Our fee for the Financial Life Planning service is not only affordable but also fully refundable as per details below

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  • 50% of the Financial Life Planning fees will be due in advance at the start of the service
  • The balance 50% will be due upon delivery of the Financial Life Plan
  • Clients will have to fill up a brief Risk Profile form
  • Clients will also have to submit their financial details using a template that we will provide
  • We request Clients to limit their plans to no more than 6 goals. Additional goals can be accomodated at additional charges
  • Note that the Financial Life Plan will not contain specific investment advice, beyond an ideal asset allocation. This is beacuse, the Financial life plan can be implemented using either Mutual Funds or Direct Stocks or a combination of both.
  • In order to implement the Financial Life Plan, Clients will have to opt for a Financial Action Plan
  • The Financial Action Plan can be realized using the Mutual Fund Advisory and/or the Stock Advisory service

Wishing you a life free of Financial worries!