icTracker Valuation of stocks with Industry 'Chemicals' in India

*NOTE - Grey coloured rows indicate that 40% of stocks in this list have moved towards their Intrinsic Price since the valuation date
Intrinsic Price and Market Price are in Rs., Market Cap is in Rs. Cr
Outlook codes :: Blsh - Bullish; Brsh - Bearish; FrBl - Fairly Bullish; FrBr - Fairly Bearish; VrBl - Very Bullish; VrBr - Very Bearish; WkBl - Weak Bullish; WkBr - Weak Bearish

NoStock NameIndustryValuation DateMarket price on val. dateIntrinsic price on val. dateLatest market priceLatest full market capLatest free-float market capMV to IVKBEVA® to NWOutlook
1 Andhra SugarsChemicals30 Sep 2023118.7132.8110.01,490.9789.10.890.09-0.03VrBr
2 Chemplast SanmarChemicals30 Sep 2023484.2128.9482.97,634.33,432.43.750.11-0.05WkBr
3 Clean Science and TechnologyChemicals30 Sep 20231,409.3430.41,444.915,351.22,635.83.270.760.01VrBl
4 Deepak NitriteChemicals30 Sep 20232,120.5651.92,214.230,200.215,
5 Godrej IndustriesChemicals30 Sep 2023569.7814.4647.721,805.67,150.20.700.46-0.03VrBr
6 Grauer n Weil IndiaChemicals30 Sep 2023131.276.8129.62,938.1881.41.710.580.01VrBl
7 Gujarat Alkalies and ChemicalsChemicals30 Sep 2023732.7484.8724.85,322.71,259.81.51-0.69-0.04WkBr
8 Gujarat Heavy ChemicalsChemicals30 Sep 2023615.61,586.4554.25,296.93,716.60.390.820.01VrBl
9 IG PetrochemicalsChemicals30 Sep 2023530.4798.4452.61,393.8369.20.660.49-0.03WkBr
10 India GlycolsChemicals30 Sep 2023699.7609.5710.42,199.5732.91.15-0.04-0.02VrBr
11 Navin Fluorine InternationalChemicals30 Sep 20233,766.71,062.93,729.918,489.712,633.43.540.57-0.02WkBr
12 Sadhana NitrochemChemicals30 Sep 202383.61.188.82,193.9570.473.80-7.18-0.03VrBr
13 Solar IndustriesChemicals30 Sep 20234,820.01,951.46,188.856,002.014,777.42.470.830.04WkBl
14 Tata ChemicalsChemicals30 Sep 20231,031.22,208.5970.024,710.115,177.60.470.60-0.02Brsh
15 Thirumalai ChemicalsChemicals30 Sep 2023215.1146.5205.22,101.01,159.51.470.19-0.07WkBr