icTracker Valuation of Nifty Oil and Gas stocks

*NOTE - Grey coloured rows indicate that 60% of stocks in this list have moved towards their Intrinsic Price since the valuation date
Intrinsic Price and Market Price are in Rs., Market Cap is in Rs. Cr
Outlook codes :: AvBy - Avoid Buying; AvSl - Avoid Selling; BoDp - Buy on Dips; StBy - Strong Buy; SoRl - Sell on Rallies; StSl - Strong Sell

NoStock NameIndustryValuation DateMarket price on val. dateIntrinsic price on val. dateLatest market priceLatest full market capLatest free-float market capMV to IVKBEVA® to NWOutlook
1 Adani Total GasGas Distribution30 Jun 20211,019.956.51,452.0159,692.439,923.118.060.670.03StBy
2 Bharat Petroleum CorporationRefineries30 Jun 2021468.1679.9459.399,633.839,853.50.690.620.00StBy
3 Castrol IndiaLubricants30 Jun 2021143.1145.5146.814,515.44,354.60.980.900.22StBy
4 GAIL IndiaGas Transmission30 Jun 2021149.7189.8160.171,068.428,427.40.790.340.00SoRl
5 Gujarat GasGas Distribution30 Jun 2021660.8421.5628.843,286.015,150.11.570.830.07BoDp
6 Gujarat State PetronetGas Transmission30 Jun 2021333.4669.7318.317,956.09,875.80.500.750.05BoDp
7 Hindustan Petroleum CorporationRefineries30 Jun 2021293.2807.4331.447,003.623,501.80.360.650.01StBy
8 Indian Oil CorporationRefineries30 Jun 2021107.9178.6134.4126,526.312,652.60.600.290.02AvSl
9 Indraprastha GasGas Distribution30 Jun 2021557.8166.6509.835,686.017,843.03.350.430.01StSl
10 Mahanagar GasGas Distribution30 Jun 20211,136.5620.61,067.110,540.12,635.01.830.440.03StSl
11 Mangalore Refinery and PetrochemicalsRefineries30 Jun 202151.3-121.452.09,113.51,367.0-0.42-1.19-0.01AvSl
12 Oil and Natural Gas CorporationOil Exploration30 Jun 2021117.7237.3159.1200,089.350,022.30.500.16-0.01StSl
13 Oil IndiaOil Exploration30 Jun 2021157.2480.4235.225,505.26,376.30.330.500.02Buy
14 Petronet LNGGas Transmission30 Jun 2021225.8144.8230.534,575.013,830.01.560.430.02StSl
15 Reliance IndustriesRefineries30 Jun 20212,110.71,503.12,700.41,826,029.01,004,316.01.400.19-0.02AvSl
Summary of Nifty Oil and Gas stocks6,555.25,955.28,155.52,721,221.01,270,