icTracker Valuation of BSE Telecom stocks

*NOTE - Grey coloured rows indicate that 50% of stocks in this list have moved towards their Intrinsic Price since the valuation date
Intrinsic Price and Market Price are in Rs., Market Cap is in Rs. Cr
Outlook codes :: AvBy - Avoid Buying; AvSl - Avoid Selling; BoDp - Buy on Dips; StBy - Strong Buy; SoRl - Sell on Rallies; StSl - Strong Sell

NoStock NameIndustryValuation DateMarket price on val. dateIntrinsic price on val. dateLatest market priceLatest full market capLatest free-float market capMV to IVKBEVA® to NWOutlook
1 Bharti AirtelTelecom30 Jun 2020559.9-131.0494.6269,804.680,941.4-4.27-2.25-0.06AvSl
2 Bharti InfratelTelecom30 Jun 2020221.5189.4199.436,871.95,530.81.170.620.01Buy
3 GTPL HathwayTV Distribution30 Jun 202067.0141.793.51,051.0262.70.470.500.02StBy
4 Himachal FuturisticTelecom30 Jun 202015.918.114.61,875.21,218.90.880.27-0.04StSl
5 ITI LimitedTelecom30 Jun 2020104.117.3130.412,063.61,206.46.01-0.42-0.08SoRl
6 OnMobile GlobalTelecom30 Jun 202029.169.847.1497.8323.60.420.19-0.02Sell
7 Optiemus InfracomTelecom30 Jun 202022.5-0.457.0489.1122.3-58.32-69.19-0.06Sell
8 Reliance CommunicationsTelecom31 Mar 20200.7-44.32.3622.2217.8-0.014.91-0.01Buy
9 Sterlite TechnologiesCables30 Jun 2020110.1103.1156.26,246.92,811.11.070.51-0.07Sell
10 Tejas NetworksTelecom30 Jun 202047.993.580.0738.2184.60.51-0.24-0.04Sell
11 Vindhya TelelinksCables30 Jun 2020740.11,491.8851.21,008.7554.80.50-0.42-0.02StSl
12 Vodafone IdeaTelecom30 Jun 202010.6-201.311.332,327.38,081.8-0.05-0.97-0.02SoRl
Summary of BSE Telecom stocks1,309.4-2,015.91,202.6363,342.8101,367.3-0.651.08-0.70