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Services for firms seeking Growth Capital

As an entrepreneur, you have used your ideas, drive and ambition and grown your business so far using finance from self, friends, family and your neighbourhood bank. Perhaps your business has even reached break-even point and is already profitable. You are now considering leveraging external capital for accelerating the future growth of your business. This is when you will come face to face with the hard realities of fund raising.

Growth Capital

Key facts about raising growth capital

• Raising growth capital is a highly specialized activity.

• Only 3% of businesses are successful at raising private growth capital.

• Investors want to see more than just the business plan and the projected financials.

• Promoters need to be able to identify and highlight the key growth drivers of their business, including how these growth drivers will scale with time.

• Valuation is often an issue.

The fund raising cycle

Fund raising cycle

At Attainix Consulting, we help you with the fund rasing process for your early growth and expansion capital requirements as depicted in the picture alongside. We have developed the ICQuickValueTM methodology to especially address all the fund raising challenges listed above. We will create a business plan and projected financials, of course. But that is not enough! Investors want to understand your value proposition, quickly. They also want to understand your plan for nurturing and nourishing your value proposition.

Discover your Intellectual Capital quickly with ICQuickValue™

ICQuickValueTM is a lightweight framework for quickly assessing the Intellectual Capital of any business.


This framework enables us to quickly assess the intangible growth drivers of your business and helps you formulate an action plan for managing and nurturing the same. It also enables us to sharpen your pitch material during the fund raising process.

The scope of our services as part of the icFunding service includes:
  • Investor material preparation
    • Assesment of growth drivers using ICQuickValueTM
    • Finalization of detailed business plan with inputs from you
    • Preparation of the pitch collateral.
  • Investor solicitation
    • Shortlisting of the relevant investors
    • Telephonic pitch to interested investors on your behalf
    • Setting up meetings with investors to showcase the investment opportunity
  • Structuring and negotiations
    • Transaction structuring and negotiations on valuation
    • Advising you on various clauses in the term sheet.
  • Transaction closure
    • Coordination during investor due diligence
    • Coordination with financial and legal consultants to ensure closure of the deal

Read the sidebar to check whether you are ready to avail the icFunding service for your growing business.

Does your business qualify for raising growth capital?

•  Do you have at least three years of Operations?

•  Do your products & services address a large and growing market?

•  Do you have a unique technology or intellectual property?

•  Do you have a sustainable competetive advantage in the market?

•  Do you believe that intangible assets are the primary reason for your competetive advantage?

•  Are you willing to give away ownership stake for equity funding?

If you answered YES to ALL the above questions, your business is pre-qualified for raising private growth capital.

Contact Us today for a FREE consultation on how Attainix Consulting can help you in raising Growth Capital for your business.

Current Mandates

• Rs 53 cr buyout capital for a branded and running 90 room 3 star business/leisure hotel in Lonavala

• Rs 18 cr buyout capital for a PET preform manufacturer with marque clients.

• Rs 15 cr restructuring capital for a leading branded healthcare apparel company with assured growth prospects

• Rs 2 cr first stage growth capital for an auto accessories startup with innovative, patented and in-demand car accessory products.

• Rs 0.5 cr early stage growth capital for a rapidly growing pharma company with affordable products for the neuro/psychiatry segment

VC/PE investors, please Contact Us for the IM for these mandates.