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Top ten list of companies by Intellectual Capital and Fundamental measures

List of Top Ten firms for selected Country

NoIntellectual Capital measuresFundamental measures
1Intellectual Capital (IC)Market Cap (MC)
2Intrinsic Worth (IW = IC+NW)Net Worth (NW)
3Knowledge Basis (IC/IW)Market Cap by Industry
4Economic Value Added - latest qtr (EVA®)Free Float Market Cap (FFMC)
5Value Basis - latest qtr (EVA®/IC)Sales - latest qtr (Sales)
6Income Basis - latest qtr (EVA®/NW)Gross Profit - latest qtr (EBITDA)
7Market to Intrinsic Value (MC/IW)Gross Profit Margin (EBITDA/Total Income)
8Knowledge turns (annual Sales/IC)Net Profit - latest qtr (NPT)
9IC Gross Margin (annual EBITDA/IC)Net Profit Margin (NPT/Total Income)
10IC Net Margin (annual NPT/IC)Book Value per Share
*NOTE - all measures are as of the 'As on date' in the results below

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