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Do you know your fund’s TER?

Posted 2 months ago

Like a growing number of Indian investors, you most likely invest in Mutual Funds on a regular basis. You are also perhaps aware that Mutual Funds charge a certain percentage of their Assets under Management (AUM) for managing the fund. This expense is known as the Total Expense Ratio (TER) and it is a number regulated by SEBI. The maximum TER that funds can charge as management fees depends on the size and type of the fund, as shown below: AUM slab (Rs cr) Equity oriented schemes – max TE......... Read the complete article

Nifty drops below 11000 again. Should I exit now?

Posted 2 months ago

The benchmark Nifty ended the week at 1,829 bouncing back from a 6 month low of 1,637 in the final trading session of the week. The sudden uptrend in the Nifty started after about 1 pm on Friday afternoon, which probably means that the market had got wind of the impending policy announcements by the Finance Minister later in the day. And right on cue, these announcements came after the close of the markets. The Finance Minister Ms Nirmala Sitharaman sought to assuage investor sentiment by rollin......... Read the complete article

Nifty drops below 11000, what to do now?

Posted 3 months ago

Thank God, July has ended. We have just gone through the worst July in the Indian stocks markets in the past 17 years! This chart (courtesy Mint) conveys the extent of the carnage on Dalal Street in July.The selling in the month of July was led primarily by Foreign Institutional Investors who were spooked by the budget proposal to increase the Income tax surcharge for the super rich. This was compounded by sluggish earnings for the June quarter suggesting a serious slowdown in the Indian economy......... Read the complete article

When to sell your stock?

Posted 7 months ago

What others are doing means nothing. Warren BuffettAs a long term investor in the stock markets, researching stocks and buying the ones that meet your investment criteria is often only half the story. The other half is about knowing when to sell your stocks, book your profits (or losses) and reinvest the proceeds. And although the majority of long term investors struggle with the second half, the process for both of them is surprisingly similar. Yet, investors cling on to their holdings, even wh......... Read the complete article

Value v/s Growth Investing

Posted 8 months ago

In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield. Warren BuffettSuccessful stock market investors are often bracketed in one of two categories depending on their investment style i.e. Value Investor or Growth Investor. Both these styles can generate handsome returns for investors, yet they take diametrically different approaches to stock picking. Knowing the difference between these two styles is important in building an investment strategy and a diversified portf......... Read the complete article