icTracker Valuation of BSE Power stocks

*NOTE - Grey coloured rows indicate that 47% of stocks in this list have moved towards their Intrinsic Price since the valuation date
Intrinsic Price and Market Price are in Rs., Market Cap is in Rs. Cr
Outlook codes :: AvBy - Avoid Buying; AvSl - Avoid Selling; BoDp - Buy on Dips; StBy - Strong Buy; SoRl - Sell on Rallies; StSl - Strong Sell

NoStock NameIndustryValuation DateMarket price on val. dateIntrinsic price on val. dateLatest market priceLatest full market capLatest free-float market capMV to IVKBEVA® to NWOutlook
1 Adani PowerPow. Generation31 Mar 202027.8-133.933.012,727.93,182.0-0.21-1.13-0.02Sell
2 Adani TransmissionPow. Distribution31 Mar 2020189.131.5180.919,890.14,972.55.99-1.76-0.10SoRl
3 Bharat Heavy ElectricalsElec. Equipment31 Dec 201943.572.524.68,548.52,992.00.60-0.19-0.04StSl
4 JSW EnergyPow. Generation31 Mar 202042.748.839.36,446.31,611.60.87-0.45-0.03StSl
5 Kalpataru Power TransmissionElec. Equipment31 Mar 2020182.7571.5191.32,934.91,174.00.320.60-0.07StSl
6 KEC InternationalElec. Equipment31 Dec 2019302.1271.5197.15,065.92,533.01.110.610.01AvBy
7 NHPC LimitedPow. Generation31 Dec 201924.043.619.819,838.92,975.80.550.31-0.02StSl
8 NTPC LimitedPow. Generation31 Dec 2019119.1164.791.089,991.022,497.80.720.29-0.03AvSl
9 Power Grid Corporation of IndiaPow. Distribution31 Dec 2019190.3245.1155.981,534.328,537.00.780.510.01AvBy
10 Siemens IndiaElec. Equipment31 Mar 20201,113.4332.81,015.036,146.29,036.63.350.23-0.02StSl
11 Tata Power CompanyPow. Generation31 Mar 202032.996.633.89,128.66,390.00.340.16-0.03AvSl
12 Thermax LimitedNon Elec. Equipment31 Dec 20191,082.6384.0703.58,382.63,353.12.820.320.00Sell
13 Torrent PowerPow. Generation31 Mar 2020279.1191.2300.914,461.85,784.71.460.00-0.10StSl
Summary of BSE Power stocks1,711.81,743.81,417.8315,097.095,039.90.980.18-0.03